100 Abdominal Exercises

Fitness Woman shows you how to do safe and effective flutter kicks.

100 Abdominal Exercises will keep you busy for quite a while! So, why is it important to do all those crunches, planks and flutter-kicks? What does it mean to have good “core strength?”

I’m glad you asked!

Think of your core muscles as a girdle around your middle. They are your abdominals, back muscles, and side muscles. They help with posture and protect your back.

When our ab muscles are weak, we slouch, or have a sway-back. You might have back pain, or even a poor sense of balance due to weak abs.

Life is just easier when our abdominals and back muscles are toned up.

We need a strong core to get in and out of the car, pick up our kids, or move a heavy box.

These 100 Abdominal Exercises will help you start getting the most out of your core.

Check out some info on some of the 100 abdominal exercises!

Please use the options for beginner, intermediate, then advanced. Warm up to these exercises, and you will thank me when you can move the next morning!

Don’t forget, crunches will NOT get rid of those “love handles” around our tummy area. Cardiovascular exercise is the only way to get rid of body fat.

Balance out your routine with strength training and cardio.

A good example of a balanced routine is:

    30 minutes of biking or walking
    (with a warm up stretch after about 8 minutes)

    A couple different kinds of crunches

    Some pushups

    Light stretching

Of course, you can mix and match cardio and strength training. You body will thank you for variety and it will keep you from getting stuck in that same old routine.

The main idea is to have a routine where you can work out for about 30 minutes of cardio, 3 times a week. This is a beginning level goal. Once you get to 3 time a week, try to push it up to 4, then 5…
you get the idea!

Don’t forget to let me know when you see improvement! Your success story could be the turning-point in helping someone else!

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Crunch Video

Crunch Tip:

Many new students complain of a sore neck after doing crunches.

If you are experiencing this issue, make sure your head is resting in your hands. Don't yank on your poor head! This fatigues you neck and shoulders.

As always, if any exercise causes pain, check with your doctor.

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