Basic Step Aerobics Moves
Hamstring Grapevine

One of the basic step aerobics moves Hamstring Grapevine is a combination of the basic grapevine and the hamstring-curl. It is easy and has few modifications.

Should you decide you do not want to do the Ham-Grape (for short) you can simply stay off the bench, keeping the move to the basic grapevine.

This move is directional, so there will need to be a transition (the knee-lift switches legs, allowing you to change sides and directions).

Basic Step Aerobics Moves HamstringGrapevine

Always remember to consult your doctor before doing aerobics. The health of your knees is critical, so make sure to warm them up properly before doing this, or any step bench routines.

Fitness Turtle invites you to watch this step bench aerobics move in a routine.

Of the many basic aerobics moves, Hamstring-Grapevine is one of those that always adds a bit of flare and fun to any step bench routine. Keep learning and practicing moves and you will be well on your way to your Fitness Woman goals, and enjoying it every Step-by-Step of the way.

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