Free Workout Routines

I am really excited to share these free workout routines with you. I have tried really hard to compile fresh and original step routines that are fun, but not too difficult to master.

Don't forget that before you workout, make sure you take five to ten minutes to properly warm up your joints. Proper warm up and cool down are too frequently overlooked or under-emphasized.

Click here to watch a five minute warm up.

During your workout, monitor your healthy heart rate and make sure that you are not exceeding your maximum. Modify your aerobics moves or lower your bench in order to stay within your target heart rate if need be.

Step Aerobics Routines

Cha Cha
Cha Cha
Full Routine
Part One
Cha Cha
Full Routine
Part Two
Cha Cha
Full Routine
Part Three
Cha Cha Waltz Chopsticks Corner Pivot Corner Step
Cut Around
the World
Crazy Eight Indecision
Jump Shot
Karate Kick Karate Knee Knee Side Ham Routine
With a Jump
Shuffle Turn Side Step Turn Step
Warm Up

Paying close attention to your nutrion,

and make sure to eat enough calories!

This will help ensure that you have a good workout.

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