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Step Aerobics Indecision Straddle Free Fitness Video

In this Step Aerobics Indecision Straddle Free Fitness Video, you will get a nice breakdown of one of the steps I regularly use in class when I teach.

I will show you the move nice and slow, then we will speed it up and try it at regular tempo.

Don’t be afraid to get a step bench, or a non-slip rug to try out these moves at home. When you get to the gym, you will be ready for some of the moves the instructors use in class.

The more familiar you are with step aerobics moves, the more you will enjoy the workout and see the results you came for!

Take care of your body even before you get to the gym by hydrating a couple hours before you get to your aerobic class, or hit the tread mill.

Then, after you work out, replace every ounce of water you lost due to sweat.

Water is critical to every function in our bodies, down to the simplest cellular level, so keep that water bottle handy all day long.

Check out some more safety tips before you get started.

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