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It is here that I hope to help you with the very simple to the very advanced moves we like to use in stepping to get your heart rate up and keep your mind involved.  If we don't keep our brains engaged in the exercise we do, it is easy to become bored and tired of an activity very quickly, and not stick around long enough to see great results.  

If you are currently coming to my class in person, you will find these tutorials very helpful in most of the routines I use at the gym.  If you are visiting as a virtual participant, then welcome!  I might never meet you in person, but I truly hope this set of break-downs via video help you become a step addict, and I am so glad you decided to visit!  

The moves range from the very simple to the extremely advanced. If you are new to aerobics, this can be intimidating to the point of scaring you away from even trying (If you let them).

Don't try to take them on all at once. Take them in little, manageable chunks. Becoming a Fitness Woman will not happen overnight, and neither will learning all your steps.

The focus here is to give you the opportunity to look over one single step at a time. We will put some of those moves together in order to give you a feel for how these roll together into a fun aerobics workout. You can click here to see an example.

Why step?  Click here for some great reasons!

Across the Top Crazy 8 Curtsey Cut Knee Lift Cut Your Corners
Dig Ham-Grape Knee, Side,
Ham Repeater
I Step Indecision Straddle
Jumping Jacks Karate Knee L-Step Lunge Lunge and Mambo
Mambo Cha-Cha Revolving Door Rock Your Bench Rocking Horse Stomp Box Shuffle
Taps Around
the World
Turn-Tap Diagonal V-Step

Step Aerobics Moves are just one important part of my fitness routine as a whole.  Experiment lots and find something you absolutely love to do!

Don't forget, while I do focus a lot on step aerobics moves as part of the journey to becoming a Fitness Woman, they are not the only important aspect. I owe most of my weight loss on attending classes that utilize these moves, but it was as much the fact that I partnered together with someone as it was the activity itself.

I lost about 60 pounds from just step aerobics alone (as that was the only exercise I was doing at the time) and I found that my knees and hips did not bother me like when I ran, or did other more high-impact types of exercise.  You might find the low impact aspects of stepping helpful!

Happy Stepping!

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